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Friends with Benefits is a brand and creative agency specialised in strategic partnerships, marketing and brand development. We are striving to become the top-of-mind brand agency when you want to scale your business and make an impact.


The company was started in 2017 by two Swedes who have been working on the global scene for over 10 years and collected experience and relationships in Distribution, Retail, Content creation, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech, Media, Sales, Marketing and E-commerce. Therefore we offer expertise within those areas.


Friends are something you choose. Someone you stand behind. Someone who challenge you and someone you grow with. We see our business just in that way. The benefits comes from our network of friends all over the world, with different talents and experiences.


We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but work all around the globe. Feel free to reach out to us in anyway you’d like.
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Opened in 1863, Berns is one of the oldest entertainment establishments and hotels in Stockholm. Stockholmers have come to consider the house and it’s venues their very own living room housing a hotel, two restaurants and nightclubs.

Challenged by Berns to activate areas that are slow off-season and during weekdays, FWB delivered two solutions.


In June 2017, FWB activated the hotel reception, in which we created a pop-up boutique with carefully selected Scandinavian brands within fashion, games, music, arts and literature. Visitors were invited to explore a contemporary edit of Scandinavian retail brands. Brands were invited to use other areas of Berns for special events, shows and meeting – bringing a multitude of talent under the same roof – hosting a space to meet both local and international likeminded creatives.


To activate spaces that were not used on weekdays, FWB connected Berns with leading training influencer Hanna “FashionableFit” Andersson. Redbull joined the collaborations as a sponsored and together we created a never seen before bootcamp in the unique nightclub setting of Berns. By engaging the committed audience of the profile, the campaign was reached by the +125 k followers of Hannah Andersson, and fully booked classes on the bootcamp.

We helped Blue Billie to update their brand and create a new art direction. Everything from new logo to website, packaging and marketing strategy. To empower the launch of the new website we created a campaign that is up-to-date, rebellious but still flirty with their heritage to make it easy and fun to buy and wear jewellery. We have focused a lot on the story telling and each collection represent a chapter in the new story of Blue Billie.

Together with a great content team FWB & CHiMi continued to create CHiMis yearly campaigns and collaborations.

During season 3 we have decided to work with two pair of twins to capture “one pair is not enough with a more mature and sophisticated fashion approach.

“FWB is a key part of the great result where there work includes; finding the right creatives, location, model scouting, directing and editing. The campaign became a PR success for us.” says Charlie Lindström, Brand Director & Partner at CHiMi Eyewear.

Universal Studios was to release Despicable Me 3 and reached out to FWB to create collaborations with unique Swedish brands to create a innovative way of marketing the movie release. FWB successfully managed to connect and help to launch the collaboration, creating a unique partnership:

– Colette x Universal Studios x Nikben
– Colette x Universal Studios x Bxxlght

The capsule collection was launched just before the movie release in June 2016.

To promote the new perfume, Woman by Ralph Lauren, we wanted to work with women who empowers other women. Therefore we reached out to HER Global Network; A community of women who value authenticity, empathy & genuine connection. Their mission is to bring together a diverse group of women to learn from and support one another. The outcome was the campaign #LeadLikeAWoman, where they talked about the keywords that are important in leadership.

Urbanista gave FWB the case to create Urbanista’s new look-and feel in campaign material.

During 2018 FWB have created content in 10 different countries. In the campaign the subjective is to work with One-ness, where we show how people are connected through music and beats. The movie consist of people that FWB has steet casted, to supermodels, artists and athletes.

“FWB's work has strengthen Urbanistas image in the fashion industry and they have that unique touch that makes their videos stand out”, says Anders Anden CEO, Urbanista.

Swedens biggest wine agency have partnered up with FWB to create short films for their new e-commerce focus:

The focus has been Germany and together with german influenser FWB have created short storys where the influencers talks about; My favourite moment.

The objective is to capture a feeling of “buying wine is a pleasure” and the target audience is male & female 30-55 years.

“We worked with FWB though they have a great sense of fashion and content creation and they have really succeeded in creating a modern jet timeless look and feel in there content creation.” says Wine-Visions Managing Director.

Together with the most hyped lifestyle brand in 2017 Sundae School reached out to FWB to interpret “Tiger Mom”.

This collaboration between Chimi and Sundae School, has been created with inspiration from the controversial topic of Tiger Moms. Launching the 13th of May, on the international Mother’s Day, this collection aims to highlight the topic of Tiger Mom’s.

She was a tiger when she believed in you, And when you finally reached your fullest Then you became a tiger too.

“Growing up, my tiger mom did everything she could to give me the best possible future. She always pushed for higher education, and made sure I was trained to be an honor roller. It was not always pleasant, it was not always easy. But at the end of the day, there is nothing but gratitude for raising me to be a tiger”, says Dae Slim, Founder of Sundae School about his childhood. FWB has made this collaboration exactly how we wanted, and we are very pleased with the campaign film that we believe represents a Tiger mom.

PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

With the goal of strengthening the brand in the lifestyle and fashion segment and become top of mind in online payments, we created the campaign “PayPal moments”. The partnership was build through Social Media Influenser - PayPals newsletter and selected Lifestyle brands.

We created two campaigns for PayPal; 
one regular newsletter with a Gif-AD and 
one concept newsletter with visual content that was powered by two influensers on social media.

We offered the same but increased 718% (from 9200 USD in turnover -> 67922 USD in 5 days).

PayPal moment was distributed to 2,800,000 million subscribers through PayPal as well as selected influenser to push the campaign.
 Now FWB creates PayPals campaigns every quarter.

Childhood’s work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and is politically and religiously unaffiliated. The mission is that no child should be exposed to a violent or damaging environment, but have the opportunity to grow up with memories of a safe and loving childhood.

With the mission to build awareness and raise funds to support the work of Childhood, we created a special Charity Collection with Happy Plugs where 3,50 USD per sold product was donated to the World Childhood Foundation.

To do this we partnered with artists who told stories from their childhood, explaining the meaning of colors and how they relate to the UN convention. The artists also performed songs exclusively which were published on a the campaign site

The campaign was launched at the UN Conference in New York 2016, and followed up at the Elle Gala in Jan 2017. The campaign reached it’s goal after 4 months, and were sold in 22 countries.